Run For Your Wife

David stars as D.S. Porterhouse in Run For Your Wife, written and directed by Ray Cooney at The Mill at Sonning.

John Smith is a happy London taxi driver, working shifts. But he has one little problem. He is married. Twice! He has one wife, Mary, in Wimbledon. And another wife, Barbara, in Streatham. John keeps to a rigorous schedule so that never the twain shall meet. Everyone is blissfully happy – especially John Smith!
One day, gallantly intervening in a mugging, he is taken to hospital with concussion. The police become involved. John panics and enlists the help of neigbour Stanley. Bad choice! Stanley is shambolic, disorganised and when it comes to conniving – clueless! The hapless duo embark on a series of wildly implausible explanations. The more they lie, the deeper the hole they dig, and the more the situation all starts to go horribly but riotously wrong.
This is classic Cooney at his absolute best. Run For Your Wife has delighted audiences with smash-hit runs all over the world. So come along to laugh and laugh until you cry.


Judy Buxton – Barbara Smith
Elizabeth Elvin – D.S. Troughton
Jeffrey Holland – Stanley Gardner
Michelle Morris – Mary Smith
Delme Thomas – Bobby Franklyn
David Warwick – D.S. Porterhouse
Nick Wilton – John Smith